Bulk Order Discounts

Please Read Entire Description

Buy 15 or more items - 30%off your entire order
*Seasonal Fabric is limited**

You can Mix items together and have a variety of items. Ex: 3 braided / 9 tube solids / 3 ManeBag sets for the 10% off discount. 

This is the perfect option for awards and wholesale! 

To place a bulk order Please send me an email at:


Please be aware that orders will be made in the order they are placed. When it is time for your order, the fabric may be on order with my vender. This means it may take longer to be shipped. If this occurs you will receive an email from me, letting you know. You will also receive an email if a venders fabric is being discontinued and is no longer being printed. In this email you will receive 3 options to move forward. ❤️

TAT - is currently 7-14 business days. Can be longer depending on how large your order is! :)